pacman arcade

pacman arcade game machine on sale 


“Pac-Man” is a very simple game, you only need a cross key to play, the rules are simple but fun.

Although “Pac-Man” was promoted as a “female-oriented game”,

it did not affect its status in the minds of male core players.

Now it has become the symbol of Namco, and even all video games, jumping out of the wider pop culture field.

pacman arcade

The last time Pac-Man appeared in the public eye was the Hollywood movie “Pixel Wars” two years ago.

This film starring Proboscis’s favorite comedy star Adam Sandler,

including Donkey Kong, Big Bee, Pac-Man and other well-known game stars,

has attracted the attention of many hardcore gamers.

Among them, there are many scenes of Pac-Man, and its biological father also appeared in the movie.

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