Push Win

Push Win key master vending machine for sell


push win



All iron chassis, all imported acrylic cool lighting, Taiwan imported motor Longji motherboard, colorful joystick buttons, Tongli coin acceptor, Mingda Mensuo 80-260V Taiwan power box Size: Width 870 Depth 830 Height 1800MM Weight :110KG


How do you play?

1. The coin game begins.
2. Move the joystick to align the crane system vertically with your favorite gift.
3. Press and hold the “Up” button to raise the crane system,
Once the correct position is reached, release the button to stop the crane system,
5. The push rod with the key will push forward to try to unlock the gift.
6. Receive gifts from the prize gate.

How to maintain it?

1. Maintain indoor cleanliness, reduce workload, and use dry and soft tools to clean the surface of the game console.
2. The game console should avoid prolonged direct sunlight and keep the body dry.
3. Check various spare parts of the machine wiring every day, promptly identify problems, and prepare for work the next day.
4. If you do not need the game console, please package it well and place it. Please avoid machine aging due to moisture
Turn on the machine and run it for 30 minutes every two weeks.

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