Selfie Photo Booth

Product name Selfie Photo Booth machine
Model CP-C133
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 140*104*195cm
Player 1-4 people
Weight 250 KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 250W
Function redemption ,ticket
Warranty One year

What is Selfie Photo Booth machine :

Refers to the photo booth where the stickers were made or the photo itself. Different from ordinary photos, the main focus of the photo sticker is the beauty of the finished product. Its unique soft focus effect can remove the blemishes and spots on the face of the person taking the photo, and take a pink and beautiful skin. By masking the flaws with technology, you can create a “kawaii model” feeling. Also, taking a photo with a friend or significant other can become a fond memory in itself.

It’s also a lot of fun to doodle the photos after you’ve taken them. About graffiti will be explained in detail later

How to play Selfie Photo Booth machine?

After selecting the machine, put in coins first. The price of the sticker we used this time is 20rmb, which is the average price of an ordinary sticker. Then select the number of people to take pictures. There are options for 2 or more people, of course, you can also shoot alone. We chose 2 people. Next is choosing a gender. Both of us in this photo shoot are women. If you choose “Male”, the machine will automatically make a male character when making the photo.

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