Split Second

Split Second car racing arcade machine

Main board: high quality customized mainboard
Rocker: high grade seven color rocker, seven color key
Chassis: plastic suction
Lighting: Jewelry grade LED lamp Coin device: dual intelligence
Function: liquid crystal setting Size:257*100*238cm
Size: 257*100*238cm
Price: deposit
Measurements: 120*103*250cm
Weight: (KGS)200KGS
Certificate: CE, SGS, ISET Italy certification
Colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, white, black etc.
Introduction: 1.Light (vehicle equipped with LED lamp, high brightness, long life)
2.Music (built-in MP 3music box control, SD card can be inserted, adjust the volume)
3.Timing control (computer version controller, can according to their own their own need to set the running time)
4.Remote control (car can use the same remote control and stop operation, need to be added)
5.Standard accessories: charger 1, wearing parts (brush, bulb, lamp, fuse)
Advantage: 1.Anti-UV
4.Environmental protection
5.Color is never to fade
Age Range: >5
Capacity: 2 adults, 1 child
Apply to: Amusement Park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc.
Packing: Standard export packing Plastic parts: bubble bag and pp film Iron parts: cotton and pp film
origin China

How to play Split Second car racing arcade machine?

1. Insert coin, press “Start” button or step on accelerator to enter “Settings”
2. Then select car, gear (auto or manual), game mode and music
3.Single player video games include 3 types: story mode, heart attack, timed mode
4. Multiplayer video game (up to 4 players): Before the combat mode starts, if all players press the brakes at the same time, you can turn off the chase setting in the game.
5. The winner is the one who reaches the end first


Features of Split Second car racing arcade machine:

1.full dynamic steering wheel, motor drive steering wheel vibration,
let the driver enjoy the surreal driving and simulate runway

2.you can connect 6 units at the same time, the game a total of 6 off,
each with different landscapes

3.imported the monitor from Taiwan, it is color bright, reliable and

4.it sounds strong with the audience’s stereo effect


Split Second Game advantage:

1. Hygiene and safety: The user’s eye frame does not need to be close to the device and will not lose the immersive experience of the VR device.

It also solves a series of problems that the mirror was foggy and could easily spread eye diseases to the next wearer.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection:

The defect of high cost and high loss of one host and one independent position is successfully solved.

The existing technology can drive up to 6 glasses devices and two main screen devices by one host, and can ensure that each glasses device can operate independently.

3. No delay in online connection:

It has successfully broken through the same host, allowing up to 6 participants to have different perspectives in the same scene, without the need to connect to the Internet, and enjoy the fun of fighting alone or experiencing cooperative operations.

4. Closer to consumers: Because the existing technology supports the characteristics of traditional VR equipment without wearing it, it not only solves the safety hazards such as eye fatigue, dizziness, and current radiation, but also fully reflects the more user-friendly design.

5. Higher degree of freedom: The existing equipment does not have any connection on the player’s body, nor does it need to be equipped with any device, realizing a natural experience of full freedom and no burden.

6. Novel and fun: The sniper equipment can complete the zoom-in and zoom-out function of the shooting target by pressing the button. It is also possible to transmit real motion in synchronization with the picture through the signal.

How to repair the Split-Second car racing arcade machine?


1. The structure of the simulated machine is complex.

Those who are in contact with it for the first time should learn to mark the installation and record the key parts.

The purpose of this is: when you repair and restore foggy water. For example, in a fishing machine, the direction of threading and winding of the dynamic part of the fishing line is more complicated.

Being able to record with pen and paper is definitely helpful for restoration.

2. For the maintenance of the motor with brake, the installation sequence of the mechanical parts should be prepared (the installation and removal directions are reversed) and the clearance data of each mechanical fit should be recorded.

3. The distance between the photosensitive tube of the gun and the convex lens, whether it is near the focal point, and whether the light path and the gun body are on the same line.

4. The place where the plug and disconnected wiring need to be removed should be marked with the restoration position to avoid reverse polarity and wrong wiring.

5. If there is a chain drive, the chain winding should also be recorded. Pluggable components are numbered correspondingly to avoid confusion.

This way you can’t repair it well, but at least you can restore it as it is.


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