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boxing machine

Model: Dragon Fist
Applicable age: over 14 years old 7 years old 8 years old 9 years old 10 years old 11 years old 12 years old 13 years old 14 years old
Origin: Mainland China
Province: Guangdong Province
City: Guangzhou
Applicable gender: Unisex
Color classification: Dragon Boxing, new boxing machine, boxing king, vigorous


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Name: boxing game machine
Type: lottery machine
Weight: 230KG
Power: 380W/220V
Material: hardware
Number of people in the game: single player/multiplayer
Dimensions: Length 70x Width 117x Height 220cm

How to play
·Insert coins, choose a mode to start the game ·Player hits the ball arm with all his strength, and the score will be displayed on the screen.
After the specified time of the game is over, you can get a lottery ticket or gashapon according to the score.
Scope of application: video game city, children’s playground, shopping mall



You can test your game speed, blow strength, and your reflexes.
In addition, you can also form a team to form a six-person team for competitions.
The winners can also give out gifts. Our boxing machine can also give out gifts.
You can put Coke, gashapons or other attractive small gifts in the machine ,you can also set the number of game coins by yourself, and the return rate is very fast
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