Star War

Star War Coin Operated 3000 Video Classic Arcade Games Stand Up arcade Cabinet 

Star War upright arcade game machine Product performance description


1. High resolution display, Eyes-catching decals and an interactive stereo sound system.

give you a fantastic feeling of playing games.

2. Classic arcade games bring good memory back.

3. Competitive prices along with high quality.

4. Great gift for friends or families

5. Could design your own bartop arcade machine/ upright arcade/ cocktail sit down arcade machine

6. illuminated or color Joysticks and buttons, coin operated or free play

7. Various Games for options, pls contact us for game list

8. Exported country: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Cyprus, Chile, UAE, South Africa and more…

9. Get your home arcade and re-live the good old days of playing arcade games

10. Artwork and Star War cabinet could be customized for you with bulk order

Star War
Star War
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