Super Circus Coin Pusher

Product name Super circus coin pusher
Model CP-C039
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 185*105*220cm
Game 3 games
Weight 240 KG
Screen 22 inch
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 350W
Warranty One year

How to play Super Circus coin pusher?

Little Mary: There is no skill in this game, and there is no way to change the game program control. Some people will say, I have a way to control that is always false. Unless you are a game developer, the only thing we can change is the score of the game pattern. You can brush the 8 patterns of the game to a higher score, so that when the mini game comes out, the game score will be high, and the number of coins will be more.

Die Die Le: This game is for people who have some tricks and don’t know how to play it. Tell him how to control and get more than 1000 points. But being able to play 30 times is not something ordinary people can do, so it is a technical game. We have mastered the control direction of the wiper, and the premise of playing a high-scoring Jiejie Le game is that the scores of the 8 patterns in the game are relatively high, so some old players will look at the machine scores when they get on the machine. If the scores of various patterns are relatively low, no matter the three patterns Seven and twenty-one, brush up the score first, and then start to slowly put coins. That way, you can get a high score.

Spin mechanism: Novices will ask what is this mechanism? This is the thing that runs back and forth in the middle, like a butterfly. That thing controls the mechanism of the game. After the game coins fall from the middle, there will be a light sensing device to start the game program to refresh the various patterns on the display. It also controls the direction of falling coins through the direction of the wiper, and hits the spin to refresh the game screen. Hit the spin, this is to master the back and forth movement frequency and position of the spin. It depends entirely on personal feeling.

How to make win on Super Circus coin pusher machine ?

when playing the Super Circus coin pusher, first score from the left and right sides, usually three on the left or three on the right, to make the score high, and then start to adjust the direction of the wiper, facing one side, try to adjust the wiper to Which position, the probability of hitting the balloon or the unicycle is high, write down the position of the wiper, and directly adjust the wiper to this position when Die Die comes out, and start Die Die, so the score of the fold will be very high, 3 is 6 Times, 4 times are 10 times, 5 times are 20 times, 6 times are 30 times, that is 3000 points, of course, if your score is not 100 points, there will be no 3000 points, so you will wait for the JP3 and the overall prize. The odds of winning are much higher

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