Taito vewlix-l

Taito vewlix-l arcade upright game machine

Play Taito vewlix-l arcade games again, how many of these 50 have you played?


1 “Dinosaur Kombat”

Everyone is familiar with the game “Yellow Hat”.

When I was in elementary school, I skipped class and went to the game hall to play the game most.

The representative work of the horizontal version of the pass game, which inherits the various attack methods of Capcom.

It can run fast with two strikes, and punch hard while running. The four characters in the game have their own strengths.

I play the most “yellow hat”, followed by the strong man “Xing Xing”. I remember that it used to be the boss who often died in the fourth level.

The weapons in the game have ammo restrictions. , it can only be used as a one-time throwing prop when it is used up, and you can also grab the boss’s weapon to counter it, such as the bald big knife of the second level boss.

At the beginning of every few levels, there will be plots of racing cars and hitting people to get points.

In addition, those little soldiers who are green dinosaurs and red are very annoying.


2 “Three Kingdoms: Swallowing Heaven and Earth”

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms game was definitely one of the most popular works in that era.

The background of the story is the Battle of Chibi, which is familiar to all people in the country.

The characters include Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and Wei Yan. At that time, I always wondered why there was Wei Yan. , because he is not a general of the Five Tigers of Western Shu, the game is relatively simple to play, and there will be small games interspersed after passing the level.

Friends who have played must remember the picture of eating buns.

Taito vewlix-l
Taito vewlix-l
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