The cute bears claw crane machine

Model No.:CP-L001

Size:92*80*202 cm
Weight: 100KG

Player:1 playerMaterial: Metal, glass

The cute bears claw crane machine

The cute bears claw crane machine details

Measurements 92*80*202cm
Weight (KGS) 100KGS
Certificate CE,SGS,ISET Italy certification
Colors Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, white,black etc.
Introduction 1.Light (vehicle equipped with LED lamp, high brightness, long life)
2.Music (built-in MP3 music box control, SD card can be inserted, adjust the volume)
3.Timing control (computer version controller, can according to their own need to set the running time)
4.Remote control (car can use the same remote control and stop operation, need to be added)
5.Standard accessories: charger 1, wearing parts (brush, bulb, lamp, fuse)

The cute bears claw crane machine Advantage:
4.Environmental protection
5.Color is never to fade
Age Range >5
Capacity 2 adults, 1 children
Apply to Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc.
Packing Standard export packing Plastic parts: bubble bag and pp film Iron parts: cotton and pp film

Why use The cute bears claw crane machine?
All of our designs and products are strictly checked in accordance with safety standards to ensure that all toy parts will not cause harm to children. All metal parts are smooth and plastic parts are non-toxic, UV resistant and meet food grade standards.
2. Experienced
Our toys are designed by very experienced designers according to the interests and feelings of children. Our products have different roles and styles, bringing children not only happiness, but also health and wisdom.
3. High quality
We always believe that quality is the soul of our products. We guarantee that our products will stay in very good condition after a long time of use, even under harsh weather conditions. All components will maintain high durability in temperatures between -50°C to 50°C.
For the same quality and the same standard, we will offer you the lowest price. With the same money, you will enjoy more experienced design, faster delivery, professional installation guidance and better service.

The cute bears claw crane machine Play instruction:

1.Insert the coin in the vending game machine.

2.Move the joystick on the vending game machine,make the claw move to the gift you want.

3.Press the button to catch the gift you want.

4.Take your gift from the exit at the machine’s bottom.


How to useThe cute bears claw crane machine
This kind of machine because not necessarily can catch the desired items, or clip on a vibration or even nothing, but good luck or skill may be a small amount of money to obtain goods, so compared to the function of selling goods, its function as a game to provide fun or gaming more.
In addition to the general toy selection vending machine, there are even alternative selections such as fresh lobster, fish, etc., but often attracted criticism of animal cruelty.
The crane machine has taken root in the Asian market, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and so on all over the streets and alleys, very popular. In recent years, in China’s large cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places to distribute a lot, is also spreading to small and medium-sized cities.
In Japan generally appear in large numbers in the game machine center. In Taiwan, crane machines are more popular, and are not difficult to find in front of night markets or grocery stores. Hong Kong, these vending machines only a small number of places such as convenience stores, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and in recent years, the number of gift machines has increased, but the difficulty of each store varies, and even some stores simply set to the chance of winning nearly 0 difficulty, there are often help familiar customers to move the doll near the exit, compared to Japan is absolutely inferior!

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