Trackless Train

Product name Choo choo trackless train
Model CP-G161
Game 1 games
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 500*120*85cm
Weight 450KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 300W
Warranty One year

How the Ground Choo choo trackless train works?

The power supply of the bumper car comes from the floor (and the ground net). The ground grid is to arrange a number of conductive strips on a large enough insulating plate, and the body has electrical contacts to contact the floor to obtain a connection with the power supply. The power transmission of the motor adopts the mature technology used in the current car, which is transmitted to the rear axle through the differential package to achieve the operation of the car. The built-in power-off protection device effectively protects the line and the motor. Automatically power off, automatically restore power after releasing the pedal, prevent the motor from overloading, and have a good protection for the motor. The circuit board can regulate the running time of the machine, and automatically power off when the time is up. The ground grid type ground needs to be laid with a ground grid. The investment is relatively large, but the car can run all the time without considering the battery life.

Details of our Choo choo trackless train

Front size: L248*W100*H205(cm) Carriage size: L220*W100*H120(cm) One for two Size: L850*W100*H205(cm) One for three Size: L1150*W100*H205(cm) Material: Environmentally friendly glass fiber, high-quality steel from major manufacturers Weight: about 350KG for the front of the car, about 150KG for the carriage
Power: 70V1500W
Battery: front 12V70Ah*5, carriage: 12V70Ah*4 Battery life: 9 hours combined
Maximum speed: 10KM/H, turning radius: 3.5 meters Start mode: remote control start, swipe card start
Charging method: 220VAC
Charging time: about 10 hours

The advantages of our Choo choo trackless train

  1. The locomotive can change colors to attract children’s attention.
    The rear is equipped with a collision avoidance radar to ensure the safety of the people in the car during the game, so that parents and children can ride with confidence.
  2. Simulation frosted anti-skid steering wheel, swipe card configuration, easy forward and reverse operation. Fully charged for a full day of operation, eliminating the need for intermediate charging
  3. Strong steel frame structure, strong bearing capacity, durable Grinding, vacuum rubber tires, dungeon grip, good shock absorption.
    Mini cute car roof, cute and good-looking.
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