TT moto

TT moto

Product name TT MOTO Item No CP-C001
Size W2200*D1850*H2050 Used for FEC,Bowling center ,Game roon
Power 220V 300W Color RED
Weight 360KG After sale service life-time service
Packing size 2300*530*1760 Modes of packing WOOD BOX

How to play TT moto ?

*Insert coin ,prompted by the screen operation,

swing the body to choose the options, the front button is the “confirm” button.

*The track is divided into streets and mountains, automatic transmission or manual transmission for driving mode ;

*Double connection Athletics mode:insert coin, press the”confirm “button at the same time, must choose the same track to play, driving mode is free to choose.

Why choose 32 inch  TT moto game machine ?

The 32-inch TT motorcycle racing simulation game console is a new type of simulation competition game; the theme of the game is motorcycle racing.

Players ride on the simulated motorcycle game machine body, and control the throttle and swing the body to make the motorcycle on the game screen.

Drive on the track while avoiding other motorcycles.

Support online competition, bring players a sense of excitement.


Features of the World Motorcycle Championship TT moto game machine:

Front camera camera function (record player avatar);
Cool motorcycle body (accelerator brake function, super engine, real experience);
Front blowing function (the car drives forward in the wind to increase the realism of the game);
42-inch high-definition screen;
10 tracks to choose from, 3 difficulty levels.


World Motorcycle Championship TT MOTO racing simulation game machine gameplay description:

1. Put in the corresponding game tokens and enter the game;
2. By swinging the body left and right, select the track, car style, color, etc., and press the OK button to select;
3. At the beginning of the game, twist the right-hand accelerator to accelerate, and you can use the brake to decelerate when turning; if the car is knocked out of the track, it will automatically return to the track; twist the accelerator continuously to make the car stand upright.
4. When you reach the end point, the ranking will be displayed, and the game will be over.

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Kate zhang

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