vintage Eletric Car

Product name vintage eletri car
Capacity 2 people
Material Rotomolding
Bearing weight 100KG
Size length 160*90*height 80cm
Motor 350W brushless motor
Weight 70KG
Battery life 4-6 hours
Battery capacity 12V32A*2
Brake mode foot accelerator/brake
Matching lights LED soft light + LED colorful
Speed 1-9 yards
Applicable venues, squares, parks, resorts, indoor…Materials

How to play a vintage eletri car?

  1. In the limited time,you can play it everywhere.
  2. the play time can be set up.
  3. suitable for amusement park,children paradise,square,indoor game center,etc.

What is features for vintage eletri car ?

  1. Amusement parks, supermarkets, community parks can be placed everywhere, and the venue restrictions are low.
  2. Suitable for squares, homes, park floors, and ordinary floors.
  3. The travel time per game can be set and the number of coins invested in each game can be set.
  4. Gorgeous lanterns set up to create a business atmosphere, let you become the “star of the night”!
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