Whack A Mole

Product name happy gopher game console
Model CP-S016
Game Whack-a-Mole Entertainment Puzzle
Spec/Size(L*W*H) W50*L70*H103CM
Weight 25KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 200W
Warranty One year

Happy gopher game machine is a unique shape formed by eight delicate and cute little mice, vivid, sweet children’s voice dubbing let the children stay and forget. The game begins, the mouse from the hole, children can hit with a hammer, voice commentary and digital display of the number of holes and hits, a round of games the number of small animals out of the hole for 50 and 99 adjustable (the red switch of the circuit board are dialed to ON). The hole frequency increases with the number you hit and speed up the whole game process is tense and exciting, fascinating, not only to train children’s reaction ability, but also to train the children’s judgment and coordination ability, but also to cultivate children’s
Since it was put on the market, it has been loved by children all over the country and praised by businessmen. The product investment less profit fast, especially suitable for parks, squares, night markets and other places where the flow of people is concentrated. Can be selected according to the needs of customers over the mouse, there are over once, hit more than 46 over, the reward to play once.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
1.Sealing wooden packing:pear wool+Brow paper+Stretch film+Sealing wooden packing
2.Wooden Frame:pear wool+Brow paper+Stretch film+ wooden Frame

Guangzhou or shenzhen

Happy Gopher Game Machine Instructions

  1. The happy gopher game machine is easy to operate, and you can start the game by inserting coins.
  2. After the game starts, a cute little mouse will emerge from the hole, and the children will use the game The hammer on the machine can be tapped
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