1-player VR Black Knight

1-player VR Black Knight

Model NO.:CP-S008-1


Power: 2800W

Weight: 170KG

Player:1 Player


1-player VR Black Knight details as below



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Packaging & Shipping

Bubble pack + wellpaper + stretch films + wood frame.
Packaging & Shipping
Bubble pack + wellpaper + stretch films + wood frame.


What is 9D HTC VR Battle/ Walking Space Platform ?


VR Battle VR Shooting Platform is the latest release new technology which processes a strong sense of high immersive feeling to create an unique gaming experience for the player. You need to stand on the platform and wear the most advanced THC Vive headset to experience the steam games . Interactive virtual experience will make you immersed in it. A variety of movies and unique effects also let you have more feelings.

HTC Space Walking is a VR equipment, with cool appearance, ourselves system, and high quality HTC VIVE Glasses. Wear on the glasses, and you enjoy with 32 different games: such as skiing, boxing, sport, shooting game…..


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1. Alipay, T/T, Paypal are acceptable, and other payment methods are also available in alibaba secure payment service.
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What is a VR game

Virtual reality game, English name “Virtual reality game”, as long as you turn on the computer and wear a virtual reality helmet, you can enter an interactive virtual scene, not only the current scene, but also the past and future. After understanding virtual reality, the concept of virtual reality games is not difficult to understand. Wearing a virtual reality helmet, what you see is the world of the game, no matter how you turn your eyes, you are in the game.


VR game principle


Its principle is to use computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space, to provide users with the simulation of visual, auditory, tactile and other senses, so that users can feel the immersive experience, and can freely interact with the things in the space. interact.



Although virtual reality technology has only appeared in recent years, it has already been applied in many fields, including medical simulation surgery, military aerospace simulation training, industrial simulation, emergency deduction, and video games. Among them, there is a more important connection between video games and virtual reality technology.


Because unlike pure simulation in other industries, video games often need to build a complete macro world, which requires higher technical requirements. Therefore, while serving as an application platform, games also play a huge role in the development of virtual reality technology. demand traction .


The development of VR games


As far as the development of the game itself is concerned, from the earliest text MUD games to 2D games to 3D games, with the advancement of graphics and technology, the game’s immersiveness and sense of substitution are getting stronger and stronger. However, due to technical limitations and other aspects, it is still impossible for players to get out of the feeling of being out of the game during the game. So, how can players experience the game world more deeply and intuitively?



Therefore Game developers are stuck thinking, and the advent of virtual reality technology seems to have brought them the light of day, which not only makes games more realistic, but also more immersive for players., despite facing many technical difficulties, virtual reality technology has still been valued and applied in the highly competitive game market, and it has also spawned the emergence of virtual reality equipment specially designed for games.
Prior to this, the concept of virtual reality existed as early as the 1960s,


but it was not applied to game technology until modern hardware equipment was sufficient to support it, the first practical model was first proposed by shenx, Then it was completed by the later Oculus developers, shenx, the famous Pac-Man developer Toru Iwatani and others [2], and finally ushered in the explosive development of vr games in 2016.

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