1 player X5 dart machine

Product name 1 player X5 dart machine
Model CP-C171
Game Arcade dart machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 250*57*70
Weight 105KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 100W
Warranty One year

1 player X5 dart machine

Precautions for 1 player X5 dart machine:

1. Please pay attention to the following items for the power cord of this product: do not damage, heat or process it, do not cut it, do not extend it, do not bend it, do not hang heavy objects, otherwise it may cause electric shock and short circuit accident.

2. The power plug of this product must be completely inserted into the socket, otherwise it may cause an electric shock accident.

3. Please do not use other power sources above AC power (100-240V), and avoid using this product when the power supply voltage is unstable.

4. This product is for indoor use only. Please carry it vertically when moving, handle it with care, and place it on a flat ground.

5. Please do not use it in a humid environment, and avoid letting this product get wet, otherwise it may cause an electric shock accident.

6. Please do not disassemble, modify or repair this product and its accessories by yourself, otherwise it may cause accidents such as fire, failure or deformation.

7. Please do not hit the screen or place heavy objects, otherwise it may cause malfunction or deformation.

8. Please do not operate beyond the scope specified in the manual. If there is any abnormality in the product, please cut off the power immediately and unplug the power plug.

arcade dart machine

1 player X5 dart machine
1 player X5 dart machine

How to play 1 player X5 dart machine:

1. Insert coins to start the game;
2. Shoot the dart board with the dart;
3. The closer the shot is to the midpoint, the higher the score!
4. Easy to play, exciting game experience, perfect appearance design, more attractive to players!

Use and maintenance:
The power must be turned off when maintaining and repairing the machine.

In order to avoid short circuits, the relevant personnel should first turn off the power supply before touching the internal components of the machine. If this operation requires the power to be turned on, it must comply with the requirements of the operating instructions.

Be sure to select the appropriate accessories when replacing components.

Using incorrect accessories can cause fire or electrical short circuit, damage the motherboard and components.

Do not disassemble, assemble or change the equipment at will.

Doing so may result in fire or electrical short circuit, mechanical failure, etc.

Confirm that the moving, flipping, and transportation must meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

Random artificial movement, turning, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical performance.

This machine is suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use.

Using it outdoors will affect the performance of the machine.

Do not use the machine in the following places:

★Water leaks or places with high humidity.

★Places close to hot objects.

★A place close to dangerous objects.

★Smooth or unstable places.

★Keep close to equipment that is prone to sparks.

★A place with severe vibration.

★Dusty environment.

Do not place vases, bosoms, containers, etc. filled with water on the machine, and do not place chemicals and heavy objects on the machine.

Spilled liquid will cause electrical short-circuit and damage components, chemicals will corrode machines, and objects falling from heights will injure human bodies and damage machines.

Do not place objects at the exhaust port of the machine.

If the exhaust port is blocked, the temperature of the machine will rise, which will affect the normal operation of the machine and even damage the components.

The power cord cannot be pressed by heavy objects.

Doing so can damage the wires causing short circuits and fires.

When pulling out the power cord from the outlet, grasp the plug, not the wire.

This can damage the wires, causing a short circuit and fire.

Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands.

Otherwise, it may cause electric shock and hurt the human body.

Do not stretch, twist, or fold the power cord forcefully, and do not expose the power cord to high-humidity objects.

All of the above practices will damage the wires, causing short circuits and fires.

The power cord cannot be easily kicked or touched.

This will injure the human body and damage the machine.

To use the correct voltage and fuse (see technical data).

Using other standard voltage will cause short circuit and fire, and using unsuitable fuse will damage the machine and cause fire.

Failures such as fire or out-of-control operation cannot be arbitrarily handled.

coin operated game machine

1 player X5 dart machine
1 player X5 dart machine
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