Black Avalanche

Product name Black Avalanche coin pusher
Model CP-C037
Game 1 games
Spec/Size(L*W*H) W83*L60*H148CM
Weight 40 KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 50W
Warranty One year

What is Black Avalanche coin pusher?

The skills used by the Black Avalanche coin pusher are nothing more than three points, eye, brain, hand, and unity.Coin pusher is a small leisure game simulating coin pusher. It is designed in imitation of the real coin pusher in the game hall. The method of playing is to input coins. In some cases, if you input one or several gold coins, you will receive more gold coins; In some cases, all the gold coins are absorbed by the game machine, and no income is generated.
The coin pushing machine game has background music, and the background music changes correspondingly with different game states.

How to use Black Avalanche coin pusher?

  1.  Coin slot – You can move left and right to insert game coins in different positions.
  2. Nail board – The coins that are put in fall onto the push plate through the impediment of the peg board, which increases the playability and randomness.
  3. Push plate – Tokens fall on the push plate to form a pile, and when a certain amount is reached, it will overflow and fall to the next layer of push plate.
  4. Exit baffle – The exit baffle has a certain angle upward, which increases the push-out resistance to achieve the purpose of profit, and can be adjusted up and down.
  5. Coin Pocket – After the game coins and gifts are dropped, they can be taken from the coin pocket.
  6. Counterfeit coin port – When the device detects abnormal game coins, it will automatically identify and come out from this port.
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