Bonus Hole Coin Pusher

Product name Bonus Hole Coin Pusher
Model CP-C038
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L 830 W 600 H 1480 mm
Weight 40 KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 100W
Warranty One year

The composition of the Bonus Hole coin pusher.

  • 1 is the moving cursor just mentioned. If the coin hits it after being thrown in, the fruit panel will start to roll, and it is possible to get bonus coins, which will help us push coins when they fall.
  • 2 is the coin stacking area and the coin eating area. If the coin falls from the top and is just stacked on the original coin, then it is impossible to push the coin in front. If it does not push the coin in front, the coin in front will not fall, and continue to push the bottom. One layer of coins.
  • 3 is the dark slot area, when our coin is pushed forward, if it falls from both sides, it will crackle a lot, but don’t be too happy. All fell into the dark slot, and only the coins pushed from the middle are ours.
  • 4 is the front-end coin. Generally, there will not be only one coin pusher in the store. Observe a few more machines to find the volleyed ones on the front and those on the bottom that are full of no gaps. That way the odds will be greater.

How to make Bonus Hole Coin Pusher Equipment maintenance

Since most parts of the machine are machinery, please check, maintain and maintain regularly

  1. The equipment is all wooden structure, and the lines are regularly inspected to prevent short circuit caused by rat bite and aging Fire.
  2. Regularly add grease or lubricating oil to the push plate rail
  3. Clean the push plate regularly to ensure no foreign matters and smoothness.
  4. Regularly check the disc pushing motor to ensure normal operation.
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