Initial D5 racing game

Product name                             Initial D5 racing game
Model                                           CP-C011
Game                                          RACING GAME
Spec/Size(L*W*H)                  116*166*225cm
Display                                       42 inches
Weight                                       200 KG
Colorful                                    As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage                                       220V/110V
Power                                           200W
Warranty                                       One year

D5 racing game machine D5 racing game machine features
1.Multi games and mode can chooseable.
2.Different game scenes,the difficulties also different.
3.After the games,you will got the scores maybe can exchange gifts.

How to play?
Put coins in to start the game.
Select game, car, track model.
Hold the steering wheel to control your car.
Complete the task in time before, if you complete the task within the time limit, it will be moved to the next

Advanture of Initial D5 racing game
Cool design, luxurious integration
High-quality steering wheel, more sensitive control.
Pure copper wire is anti-interference, combined with slot layout, safe and beautiful
The high-power power box runs stably.
Professional racing game machine with extremely low running stability failures.
HD immersive gaming experience.
Vibration simulates the movement direction, making the game experience more realistic.

What is Initial D5 racing game
The popular instalment of what is probably the best driving game in the world – Sega Rally 3!
This stunning arcade features a choice of game modes including a single player against the rest of the field, a quick race between 1-6 payers and a classic race from the original Sega Rally Championship.
The game play is fantastic with real time tracks left by you and other cars that can be used to get the best racing line.
You can drive the original Celica ST205 and Lancia Super Delta HF integrale and choose from 6 licensed World Rally cars – plus there are 2 secret cars to be unlocked

Q1: Do need any installation when receive D5 racing game machine ?
We assemble all well before delivery, no need any installation, that mean when customer receive the goods, just follow our attached user manual, which plug the power and open all computers, then can play.

Q2 : What’s the guarantee on D5 racing game?
When problem happen, our service team will help you to check what’s the reason exactly step by step, if that’s the software problem, we would remote and solve it with customers by Team Viewer, if that’s the spare parts problem, we will send the replaceable part to customers by DHL or other fast parcels and teach customers how to replace it.
We’re offering 15 months super warranty, please check details below:
1, The warranty period is 12 months,PROMISE.
2, During the warranty period, if parts are damaged and need to be repaired (artificial damages and easy-broken part are not included), customer no need to send back first and wait after repairing, instead, we will send the replaceable part to customer by DHL or other fast parcels, no need to wait and save time,FAST.
3, Both spare parts and parcel freight to customer side are free,BOTH FREE.
4, We provide maintenance for whole life!

Q3 : What’s minimum order quantity and how long could ship ?
The minimum order quantity is 1pcs, and as normal, we will finish the goods in 15 days after receiving deposit.

Q4 :About payment
We can provide bank letters of credit, and transactions will be protected by international law.

Q5 : About contract issue
We will send the contract to the customer through Made in China, and then when the customer receives it, confirm and pay the deposit, arrange the production after receiving it, the customer pays the balance when the goods are finished, and then deliver the goods according to the customer’s instructions. If the customer finds any problems when receiving the goods, he may file a complaint, compensation or even return dispute with the manufacturer of China.

Q6 : What kind of payment acceptable ?
We accept payments of T/T (bank transfer), credit card, e-checking and L/C.

Q7 : What kind of shipment provided ?
Goods could be ship by sea or by air, and we provide shipment service, CIF(to destination port) and DDP(to door) service.

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