Model: CP-C130


Voltage: 220V

Monitor Size: 42″LCD



[Name]: Wangan Racing 3DX+

【Development】: Namco Namco

【Size】: W880×D1630×H2040mm

[Weight]: 260KG

【Voltage】: 220V

[Power]: 390W

[Display]: 29 inch picture tube / 32 LCD

[Connection]: 4 people


【How to play Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE 3DX】:


1. Normal mode: Press the start button after inserting coins, select vehicle, shift mode (manual, automatic), background music, track, stand-alone or battle to start the game.
2. Archive mode: After inserting coins, press Start, choose to read the car card, load the archived data, select the archived vehicle, and start the game career or challenge.
3. The viewing angle (in the car, hood, road) can be freely switched during the game, and challenges can be initiated or accepted.


【Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE 3DX describe】:


The new work adds new elements such as a new car and a new track on the basis of the previous generation DX. Among the new cars, the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R35) manufactured in 2007 and the Skyline GT-R (KPGC10) manufactured in 1970. The old and new GT-R will participate in the battle, the super-popular cars of the two eras will compete at high speed on the same stage, and the most dreamy cross-era peak showdown will be realized in the hands of players.
In terms of tracks, the Fukuoka City Expressway will be added to the game. The reproduction of real road background buildings and several consecutive multi-curve ramps will bring new challenges to players. In addition, in terms of car modification, the types of tires and neon lights on the bottom of the car have been increased accordingly, and various body paints that highlight the player’s personality have been greatly increased. Players can match more freely to create their own car.

【Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE 3DX machine background】:


“Wangan MIDNIGHT” (Japanese: Wangan ミッドナイト) is a series of Japanese manga works, in addition to animation and related game works adapted from the original manga.
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune is a racing arcade game, the content of which is based on the Japanese cartoon of the same name “Wangan Midnight”. In the game, players can shuttle between the real intercity highways in Tokyo to conduct street racing competitions. As a new-generation high-speed racing arcade game that is hot in the world, “Wangan Midnight Speed” has the most crazy racing features, charming and real street racing culture, and a racing game with few flaws. The game supports online battles, 6-speed gearbox, and realistic manipulation. Players can drive their favorite sports cars to the streets of Tokyo in the middle of the night. The crazy and comfortable thrill makes it different from other racing games.

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