Rotate 180° Le Bar Car

Product name happy car
Model CP-D1011
Game 1 games
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 150*150*155cm
Weight 200 KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 200W
Warranty One year

What is function for leba car?

The design of this product is novel in shape, reliable, simple and fun to operate, and has front and rear crotch speed regulation. The speed can be from 2km/h to 8km/h, the charging can be continuously driven for 7 hours, it can drive forward and backward, left and right, drive 360 ​​degrees in place, drive on a 30-degree slope, can drive regularly, including automatic counting, driving adopts dual motors, intelligent The controller, the handle operation, and the drive use two 80-amine power batteries. The whole vehicle adopts hardware structure. This car has been launched in major amusement parks and is loved by the majority of tourists.

The Leba car configuration:

  • Wheels: Rubber round wheels, no brakes, stop when you let go, eight-direction control
  • Battery: One battery on the left and right sides, with a total capacity of 100AH, can play for 6-8 hours when fully charged
  • Motor: one motor on the left and right, 120W, 1800 rpm
  • Lanterns: front, back, left and right LED colored lights, additional waterproof belts for colored lights, with colored lights remote control
  • Audio: subwoofer, with 8G memory card, you can download music by yourself, with audio remote control
  • Gifts: Each machine presents a set of joysticks, a set of buttons,
  • Suitable for business scope: playgrounds, parks, leisure plazas, tourist attractions, resorts, children’s playgrounds, sightseeing areas, rehabilitation, shopping plazas, real estate and other places.
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