Street Hero

Street Hero arcade upright machine 

In 1971, the world’s first  Street Hero arcade machine was born in a computer laboratory in the United States. The period from 1978 to 1985 was the era of the rise of arcade machines, which reached its climax in 1982.


In its heyday, the arcade hall was a place that young people all over the world yearned for. Many people wished to live there, just as many young people are now crazy about playing games all night in Internet cafes.


In 1983, the United States launched such high-tech works as Dragon Lair.


But in the same year, the “Atari Shock” broke out, causing the American arcade market to decline rapidly.


The “Atari Shock” was due to the lax management of the third-party game developers by the former video game giant “Atari”, resulting in a large number of low-quality games on the market,


which made consumers lose confidence in games and arcade machines and were unwilling to buy them again. As a result, the American game industry at that time suffered a devastating disaster, the “Atari Shock”.


The “Atari Shock” almost “annihilated” the video game industry in the United States in 1983.


After that, the “center of gravity of the global Street Hero game industry” gradually shifted from the United States to Japan.


In 1985, Nintendo launched “Super Mario Bros.”, setting off an upsurge in North America. In that year,


the revenue of the FC software market alone exceeded 400 million U.S. dollars, and within 3 years, the arcade market was restored to the situation of Atari’s heyday. .

Street Hero
Street Hero
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